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Booking of Groups or Vehicles

Sometimes the quantity of a booked activity does not match the final number of expected passengers (pax).

In these cases and depending on the type of activity, the expected number of guests may need to be calculated by multiplying the booked quantity by either a fix multiplier, or a multiplier defined by the booker (input field).

Example A:

5x Double Kayaks

In this case the fix multiplier would be 2, therefore 5 booked Double Kayaks should allow for up to 10 pax.

Example B:

1x Forest Guided Group Tour

In this other example, the activity may not have a pre-defined number of expected guests and instead the booking system could allow the booker to define the expected guests by completing an extra field ex. “How many people are in your group?”.

Pax calculated at booking system

Ideally, your booking system should translate these scenarios and provide the final number of expected pax in the booking details.

Pax calculated at Wherewolf

If your booking system is unable to determine the expected or maximum pax for a booked activity, please let our team know about this limitation so alternative solutions can be agreed.

Wherewolf can potentially:

  • Configure a fixed multiplier on defined activities (Kayak scenario).
  • Accept an alternative and final value from a field defined on the booking. (“How many people are in your group?” at top level).
  • Accept a multiplier from a field defined on the booking. (“How many people are in your group?” at activity item level).