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Healthcheck & Credentials validation

To ensure a Wherewolf app has been correctly configured to access your booking system API, an endpoint to validate the access key and configuration should be provided.


  • pool string to identify the Wherewolf app to validate.


  • API-key API key to authenticate the request.

Request example

curl -X GET \
  __BOOKING_SYSTEM_API__/healthcheck?pool=wherewfolapp123 \
  -H 'API-key: 123-123-123-123'

Where BOOKING_SYSTEM_API is a placeholder for the base url of your booking system’s API

The response should return a 401 when there is no matching configuration for the Wherewolf app or when the API key is not allowed to access the resources of the configured Wherewolf app.

When the request is valid, the response should be an object containing the following properties:

  • companyName The name of the mutual client company. Example: Wherewolf Adventures.
  • timezone the timezone on which the client company operates. Example: Pacific/Auckland.


    The timezone your booking system API returns in this health check is only to validate Wherewolf and your systems are configured in the same way. All booking dates MUST be expressed in UTC. The timezone returned in this endpoint DOES NOT have any effects on booking dates.

Response example

    "companyName": "Wherewolf Adventures",
    "timezone": "Pacific/Auckland"