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New Integration Process

The following steps are an overview of what the process of integrating your booking system with Wherewolf looks like:

  1. Integrations between booking systems and Wherewolf are expected to be discussed and agreed before work using this documentation is started.
  2. Once an integration is agreed:
    1. A Wherewolf developer will be assigned to be available to provide support during the entire process of development, deployment and testing.
    2. In order for Wherewolf to make use of the compatible API endpoints that will be created and then available on the booking system, a companion service must be developed and deployed at Wherewolf. This service will be created and deployed as soon as endpoints are available at the booking system to be used (you are welcome to create placeholders which will allow the service to be deployed while the work is still in progress).
    3. With compatible API endpoints available on the booking system and with the companion service working at Wherewolf, internal testing can begin (once the companion service is available you can use it to help in your development process as long as no real guest information is used). For this, Wherewolf will provide a dev account to be integrated with a dev account in the booking system.
  3. Onboarding processes are agreed so both support teams know what are the steps involved when a new mutual client requests integration of their accounts. These steps may vary depending on the level of integration, some booking systems allow their clients to setup the integration themselves while others may require Wherewolf support team to contact them directly to organize any relevant configuration.
  4. You will provide a production account in order to test the integration in full. This account will continue to be used in the future for the debugging of any reported issues and ensuring everything continues to operate as it should during the years.
  5. After development and internal testing. Live testing can begin with one mutual client.
  6. Public documentation and marketing.