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Bookings endpoint

Returns a list of bookings for a given time period and specified Wherewolf app.

Note: the returned list is expected to contain all bookings in any of the recognised statuses.


  • pool string to identify the Wherewolf app from where the bookings are requested.
  • fromDate is the start date and time for the required period, ISO 8601 UTC
  • toDate is the end date and time for the required period, ISO 8601 UTC
  • skip integer to indicate how many records are to be skipped.


  • API-key API key to authenticate the request.

Request example

curl -X GET \
  __BOOKING_SYSTEM_API__/bookings?pool=wherewfolapp123&fromDate=2018-01-01T00:00:00.000Z&toDate=2018-01-14T23:59:59.000Z&skip=0 \
  -H 'API-key: 123-123-123-123'

Where BOOKING_SYSTEM_API is a placeholder for the base url of your booking system’s API

The response is expected to return an object containing at least two properties:

  • bookings an array of booking objects, where each object should at least contain a reference to the booking id.
  • more a boolean flag to indicate if there are more bookings available to be retrieved with pagination. When set to true, Wherewolf will execute a subsequent call with skip set to be the number of already retrieved booking id’s skip += bookings.length.

Response example

    "bookings": [
        { "id": 123 },
        { "id": 124 },
        { "id": 125 }
    "more": false

Optionally, each booking object may be already fully populated with the booking details